FBL Fà Balà L’oeucc


Via Marghera, 29, 20149 Milano

Phone: +39 024699422

Adriano and Isabella consider their customers and suppliers as friends. Someone to play football wearing football boots or to go dancing wearing high heels. Ottica FBL (Fà balà l’oeucc – keep your eyes open) is not just a funny name, in Milanese dialect, for an optician store where you can have optometric analyses, receive assistance on all kind of glasses or contact lenses or buy sunglasses. Ottica FBL is a well organised team where the classic customer assistance turns out to be a friend.
Indeed Adriano has always loved his town and his area, especially as a resident. Fourteen years ago Adriano got a proposal from one of his customers: to open a store in via Marghera. Adriano promptly accepted with great enthusiasm. Today, he still runs the same business with great passion helped by his reliable colleague Isabella (a beautiful name for a beautiful lady – author-entry).
“Once, a nice lady came to visit our shop, she used to sing in a church choir. When lady left the store she was so satisfied with our friendly manners that later came and brought all her choir friends. This made us feel proud and satisfied with our job.”

Our store

Enter our tiny store to find a cosy and colourful space with a cheerful atmosphere. Adriano and his colleague Isabella will make you feel at ease greeting you with smiling faces and using their knowledge in eye care and glasses.
Our store is quite small but our items are well placed: Andriano’s precision and order have found a perfect balance with Isabella’s creativity and brilliance. The entire walls of the store are covered by hundreds of glasses for him and for her. 

We offer an in-store optometric test. On the upper floor we have a wider a space: one room is used for eye tests and to help our customers with their soft or gas permeable contact lenses. The other is dedicated to kids, here you’ll find suitable eye glasses or sunglasses for kids of all ages.

Eye glasses and sunglasses collections

Adriano and Isabella know exactly what they want thus they have decided to sell affirmed and well-known product brands such as Rayban, Persol, Prada, Chanel, Tom Ford, Silhouette, Oakley sports collection, the exclusive models from Will.i.am, the unique and colourful Ultra glasses. But you’ll also find important Italian brands like Giuliani, Mila Z-B, WoodOne, Hally&Soon Fabbrica Torino and more. If you are looking for all the brand-new Italian glasses of the moment, this is the right store. You won’t find our products elsewhere.

At FBL you won’t simply find cool eye glasses and sunglasses, you’ll be helped by our professional, well prepared and up-to-date staff who will assist you in finding the perfect product to suit your needs in terms of glasses frame and colour and personal taste.

Contact lenses

We provide contact lenses of all the best producers: Cibavision, Cooper Vision, Bausch & Lomb, Johnson & Johnson. We offer our customers special services like trying out of contact lenses, our skilled staff will show you the best material for your needs and will help you in using contact lenses.

Provided services:
In-store optometric exam
Sale, post-sale, repair and customer assistance;
Customer advice;
Try out of contact lenses.

FBL is a “Johnson & Johnson centre of excellence”, a “Varilux specialist” for Essilor, a supplier of all other ophthalmic lenses like Rodestock, Zeiss, Hoya and a “Premium Dealer” for Oakley with a special focus on our customers’ tastes for a personalised product.

Opening time

Monday 15.00 / 19.30
Tuesday 9.30 / 19.30
Wednesday 9.30 / 13.00 - 15.00 / 19.30
Thursday 9.30 / 13.00 - 15.00 / 19.30
Friday 9.30 / 19.30
Saturday 9.30 / 13.00 - 15.00 / 19.30



Green glasses with Woodone

Every single frame is produced by hand and with extreme precision, from a piece of plywood.